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Investor Services

Identifying and Creating Value


Savvy investors know that the greatest returns come from uncovering wise investment opportunities and creating additional value.

Hyatt’s 50 years of real estate expertise and market knowledge provides investors with the insight to access and participate in investments in a variety of ways. Whether buying and selling properties, or building value through long-term hold, Hyatt can help investors maximize their goals through the following services.

  • Identifying income-producing properties for investment as well as evaluating the development potential of underutilized buildings and vacant land.
  • Managing the cycle of property acquisition, development, leasing, and asset management. Depending on the situation, investors can rely on Hyatt to create value through some or all phases of a project.
  • For qualified investors, Hyatt creates limited partnerships, joint ventures, and syndications.

Hyatt’s real estate experience includes new build-to-suit; redevelopment of existing properties; and the assemblage, rezoning, and subdivision of land for development.

Throughout the greater Annapolis area, Hyatt has assembled over 150 acres for commercial and residential projects, including strip retail, shopping centers, industrial parks, office build-to-suits, and multifamily townhome communities.